Paper and pvc stickers

Paper and pvc stickers

Do you manufacture or sell products, are you the owner of an e-shop or do you want a company advertisement on the window or on your car? Then you definitely need stickers. We offer two types of stickers – paper stickers and weatherproof pvc stickers. All can be ordered in special sizes and shapes. Lamination also adds durability to the stickers when you use them on windows or cars. And leave the installation of large stickers to us. When printing moisture-proof stickers, we use a latex printer, which is environmentally friendly and does not leave an unpleasant smell on the stickers. We also have a selection of ecological PVC-free but moisture-resistant sticker material that can be used in interiors without having to ventilate the rooms for a long time after installation. Send your inquiry here and we will make you an offer.

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